User Success Spotlight - Brewing It Up With Eugene Kim

User Success Spotlight - Brewing It Up With Eugene Kim

Brewing It Up With Eugene Kim 


Today we'd like to introduce you to Eugene Kim, founder of a local community-focused coffee shop based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. In addition to running this mission-driven coffee bar, Eugene has several other businesses, including a nutrition client management app (; distributor for general work gloves sold across many online and brick + mortar channels; and a non-profit bringing Utah's coffee community together.  

Bean Yard - Barista

Thanks for sharing your story with us Eugene. Let's dive in to see how the CNCPTS Notebook has helped. 

The planner has helped me with seeing my day from a 10-story view instead of feeling like I am stuck in the trenches every time I get into the shop or office. Along with that, helping me maintain a weekly focus ensures that I am able to work towards my end goal instead of getting derailed by tertiary tasks.

Instead of simply shirking low level tasks, CNCPTS has helped me maintain a good view of tasks that need to be completed no matter the importance. Along with that, helping me reflect weekly on new tips found on the bottom of each week has been hugely helpful.

As an owner of multiple businesses, I can't imagine you have much free time. What are your top 3 challenges at the moment? 

I would say my top three challenges are 1) saying yes too often to tasks that often do not bring value to project operations. 2) an affinity to conversation - I love to talk to people, which unfortunately can derail me from maintaining consistent production. Finally 3) impatience causing sub par results.

We definitely have heard other entrepreneurs express similar challenges, especially saying yes all too often. How have you been combating these challenges? 

Using the CNCPTS Notebook has helped with all three.

  1. Saying yes too often may take a while to change, but the notebook helps me prioritize these tasks so I can focus on what's important.
  2. Conversations may continue to happen, but at least I am well organized to re-engage my outstanding tasks.
  3. Seeing the high-level organization of my tasks helps me to understand that sometimes patience is necessary and convenient.

That makes sense. I think it's safe to say, we've all been guilty being a little impatient with results. We all want immediate gratification. What are some of your goals for the upcoming year and where do you want to see each of your business go?  

  1. Break even at The Bean Yard Sandy, and have our second location up and running before the end of the year.
  2. Get GitFit launch ready so that we can start bringing on more coaches to refine our offering and approach potential funding sources.
  3. Secure a larger contract for gloves.

Awesome, those are great goals and specific for each of your ventures. How can folks learn more about each of your ventures? 


Thanks again for your time Eugene. It was great speaking with you. We can't wait to see what else you got in store for the rest of the year. 

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